Top 10 Reasons to Attend Neuromarketing World Forum 2013

With less than 4 months until Neuromarketing World Forum 2013 (6-8 March 2013, Sao Paulo, Brazil), I will share with you the top 10 reasons that I take into consideration when planning to attend this conference:

  1. Neuromarketing World Forum 2013 will blow my mind again (see my 2012 NMWF experience here) for sure. The event will leave me with great ideas for developing my future neuromarketing related steps.
  2. I will find out about the latest insights on what we like, how we decide and why we buy.
  3. I will meet all neuromarketing “rockstars” from both business and academic research area (see the list of speakers here) and do networking with the most innovative minds from the international marketing & advertising industry.
  4. I will network with colleagues from around the globe (31 nationalities last year!).
  5. I will attend the pre-conference neuromarketing masterclass called “Brain of the Consumer”.
  6. I will have the opportunity to learn more about the key challenges and opportunities of using neuromarketing tools to enhance and add value to market research.
  7. I will enhance my use of cutting-edge neuromarketing techniques.
  8. I will learn about groundbreaking neuromarketing approaches.
  9. It will be a great opportunity for partnerships.
  10. And of course, I will come to the exotic Brazil in March, when the summer weather is perfect there.
with Carla Nagel, DIrector of Neuromarketing Science & Business Association

With Carla Nagel, Director of Neuromarketing Science & Business Association

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